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What makes Sau Bay different?

We are the closest boutique luxury dive resort to the Rainbow Reef.  Being located off the beaten path, Sau Bay Resort offers a truly immersive nature and cultural experience, while offering 4 star accommodations and world class cuisine.  A short 20 minute boat ride from Taveuni takes you to our hidden paradise where you have 100 acres to explore, a private beach in a protected bay, and a beautiful house reef.   We also practice sustainable tourism and are a PADI Green Star facility and PADI's very first PADI Eco-Center!  WEe are also the first to Adopt a dive site on the Rainbow Reef - The Great White Wall under PADI's Adopt-the-Blue program.

What is the best airport to fly into? 

The closest airport to our resort is Matei on Taveuni (TAV).  However, many guests also fly into Savusavu (SVU).  The land transfer from Savusavu requires a bit longer of a taxi ride to get to the jetty at Vatayalewa.  Refer to our travel section for additional details. 

How long is the flight from Nadi to Taveuni?  

The scenic flight from Nadi to Taveuni ranges from 70 minutes to 90 minutes depending on aircraft and weather conditions.  

Is the resort reachable by road?

No, the resort is only reachable by boat, but that gives us our wonderful seclusion.  However, our staff will arrange for your pickup at either Vatuyalewa jetty or Matei Airport (or another location on Taveuni).   

How hard is it get to Sau Bay Resort & Spa? 

While Sau Bay is secluded, its very easy to get to.   We are only 20 minutes from Taveuni by boat, which is the same amount of time you will be on the road traveling to other resorts on Taveuni.   No matter if you are coming from Taveuni or Vanua Levu (Savusavu) we will make all the transfer arrangements for you so that when you step off the plane you will be in good hands and at Sau Bay in no time.  

What is the beach like at Sau Bay Resort & Spa

We have a small sandy beach in front of the resort.  The beach is tidally influenced, meaning that at low tide you will wade out to where our house reef starts, while at high tide you can just drop in the water and swim out.  There are no currents in our bay, so its completely safe for kids to swim and have fun with our watersports.

Is there a swimming pool?

There is no swimming pool.  However, our protected waters offer wonderful swimming and snorkeling opportunities and we also do our "pool" SCUBA sessions in the bay.

How healthy is the house reef?

Our house reef is very healthy and is great for snorkeling and night diving, and is perfect for learning to SCUBA dive.  The depth ranges from 3 feet to 90 feet.  Expect to see both hard and soft corals with plenty of little and medium-sized fish and morey eels, octopus and squid.  We even have a house turtle that you have a good chance of swimming with.  Several healthy coral bommies are also located at the entrance of our Bay.  The house reef is perfect for night diving and night snorkeling.

Are there other dining choices in the area?

Because of our remoteness, there are no other dining options.  However, we have a 5-star restaurant and bar and you will not be disappointed with your dining experience.  We also cater to specific dietary requirements.

How easy is it to explore Taveuni, Savusavu and other areas from Sau Bay Resort & Spa?

Exploring Taveuni or Savusavu from Sau Bay is easy.  We offer day trips where you can pack in as much or as little as you like.   Many of the Taveuni or Savusavu attractions can be seen in one day.  In addition, depending on your flight schedule, it is also possible to do some of the activities on arrival or before departure.

I see that Sau Bay Resort & Spa specializes in diving.  Does this mean that its not a good place for non-divers wanting to enjoy a getaway? 

While we specialize in diving, we have many non-diving guests and couples/families that simply enjoy the tranquility our place has to offer.  You definitely do not need to be a diver to enjoy Sau Bay Resort.  On a routine basis we have about a 50/50 mix of divers/non-divers.  

I am a diver but my spouse isn't.  Will they be bored if I go out diving?

Not at all.  We have so many activities to choose from, and also have a waterfront spa. Dives are typically conducted in the mornings and the group is back by lunchtime (unless doing 3-tank dives, in which case lunch is taken on the boat).  

Do you offer other SCUBA courses?

Our on-site dive shop, Sau Bay Divers, offers a range or PADI courses and specialty courses.  Enquire with us.

What is the best way to learn to dive at the resort?

Most of our guests will do their PADI eLearning (online course, theory) before coming to the resort.   You can associate you certification with our resort and just complete your practical skills and open water dives upon arrival.  It will take just 3 half-days at the resort to get certified - and two of your open water dives will be completed on the Rainbow Reef.  Here is the the link to sign up for dive courses at Sau Bay Resort.

How many divers are typically on the dive boat?

Sau Bay offers "small group diving", meaning that we don't run "cattle boats" or large groups requiring multiple divemasters.  It is fairly common to just have 4-6 divers max on our two custom dive boats.   We make safety a number one priority and we believe that running only small groups is an important factor in ensuring the safety of our guests and staff.

Can I book the whole resort for my group?

Yes, you can reserve the entire resort for your travel group, private function or wedding.  We can assist with making special arrangements for any group functions. Our maximum capacity is 20 guests.  

How is Sau Bay Resort & Spa suited for dive groups?

Our resort is the perfect location for dive groups.  Because we cater to a maximum of 14-20 guests, the entire resort staff are 100% focused on the divers, attending to every detail that makes it a successful dive trip.  With two custom dive boats catering almost exclusively to our own guests, we offer a luxury dive experience like no other resort in the area does.  We also are the closest dive resort to the Rainbow Reef, which gives our divers more time to enjoy the resort facilities when not diving.  For avid photographers we have a new secure camera charging room with six individual stations to accommodate photography dive groups. 

How do I go about planning for a wedding?

Simply complete the form under our Weddings tab, and we will get back to you right away.  Our guest services manager, Siah, was the wedding planner at a 5-star resort and can make any dream wedding come true!  

Are there medical facilities nearby?

Yes, we have two hospitals/urgent care facilities within a 15-20 boat ride from our resort - one on Taveuni and one at Vatayalewa.  Most medicines can readily be obtained as well.  Please contact us prior to arrival should you require additional information.

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