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Mangroves Nature Walk


Did You Know?

  • Mangrove forests stabilize the coastline by reducing erosion caused by storm surges, currents, waves and tides.

  • Mangroves protect water quality by removing nutrients and pollutants from stormwater runoff before they reach seagrass habitats and coral reefs. 

  • Mangrove peat absorbs water during heavy rains and storm surge, reducing the chances of coastal flooding.

  • Mangroves provide nursery habitat for many commercial fish and shellfish, and thus contribute to the local abundance of seafood.

  • Mangroves protect species that are the basis of our seafood industry.

  • Mangrove systems provide shelter to a range of wildlife species including birds and honey bees.

  • Mangroves serve as nesting areas for coastal birds. Many birds depend on mangroves for part of their seasonal migrations. Even dead mangroves play an important role, providing roosting areas for bird species.

The Tour

Spend an hour with our local staff learning about the value of our mangroves and the importance this ecosysten serves in the resilience of our food web and marine resources. This will a walking tour around Sau Bay's mangroves where our hosts will point out the various components and benefits of this important ecosystem.  Follow your walk with kayak tour of the mangroves.

Fee: Complimentary



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