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Bucket List Diving - The Rainbow Reef

Some of the best scuba diving in the world is located only 3 minutes from our resort.   The Rainbow Reef is an extremely diverse, yet largely uncatalogued coral reef system. Known for its explosion of "rainbow colors" due to he presence of the soft corals, it was aptly named the soft coral capital of the world.   Imagine a location where the reefs still make you stand (or dive) in awe of the pristine condition of hard and soft corals, along with schools of thousands of small and large reef fish, turtles, sharks and even manta rays.  The rainbow reef is truly one of the last true Edens of coral reef systems in the world.  

While the Rainbow Reef is known for advanced diving conditions due to the strong currents that prevail in the area, there are ample opportunities for beginner divers to experience some of the best diving the Rainbow Reef has to offer.  Our experienced dive masters "read" the currents and are able to make sure that our divers are always diving within their abilities.   The diversity of soft and hard corals, as well as the amazing formations that are characteristic of this area ensures that each one of your dives is unique.

We have dozens of dive sites to choose from, with many yet to be explored areas.  If you're feeling adventurous you can particiapte in our quest to find new brilliant reefs "off the beaten path".  The dives frequented by most dive resorts are presented below.

The dive sites visited are highly dependent on the solarlunar cycle, which greatly affect the currents that make the Somosomo Straits such a great diving destination.  Unfortunately, this means that not all dive sites are accessible at any given time.  Dives such as the Great White Wall and The Zoo are only diveable a few days a month (refer to our White Wall Dive Calendar page to help you plan your diving).  However, with so many dive sites to choose from, there are numerous dive sites that offer calm water diving even when the current is ripping in other areas.  In addtion, even during foul weather conditions, we have awesome dive sites near our resort as well.  Shore diving from our resort is also actually quite phenomenal, and a great option when conditions are rough or you just want to strap on a tank and explore the Bay.

Map of the Rainbow Reef

The map of the Rainbow Reef below shows some of the most popular dive sites.  Click on the blinking markers to see some of the highlights of the Rainbow Reef.

Click on the blinking red circles to check out some of the Reef's hightlights !

Dive sites1024_1.jpg

Photos courtesy of Timo Dersch ( - Nov. 2022

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