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Snorkel our very own house reef at your leisure (snorkeling gear is available for rent at $15/day), or for an amazing array of coral, partake in a special snorkeling cruise on the Rainbow Reef ($65/pp).  Cruises include select beverages and snacks. 

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We routinely see Manta Rays when diving the Rainbow Reef.  While not guaranteed on a dive trip, there is a good chance to encounter a manta ray or two when diving multiple days.  These gentle giants make their appearances mostly on our "inner reef" system.  Nothing prepares your for this experience if you haven't seen them before. But even if you have, you just can't get enough time with them.  With their generally shallow appearances, you can get some great photos as well!

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Have you ever wanted to swim amongst the Mantas?  Snorkeling with Mantas at Rabi Passage is an incredible experience.  Sau Bay Divers has a 90% success rate seeing the Mantas at this "station".  Watch them filter feed in their natural environment as they swim in the current.  Your experience involves several "trips" as you swim with the Mantas and get dropped off "upstream" and drift snorkel with the majestic creatures.  After a great snorkeling trip, enjoy a picnic on a pristine white sand beach.  If you like, add a scuba dive or snorkeling excursion on the Rainbow Reef on your way back to the resort.

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