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The owner of Sau Bay Resort & Spa has a background in marine resource management.  Our commitment and true undersanding of the marine environment and its connection to the coastal zone makes Sau Bay Resort & Spa a catalyst in our region, bringing together like-minded individuals and organizations in fostering conservation measures aimed at protecting habitat and restoring damaged coral reefs. 


PADI Eco-Center

On August 18, 2023, Sau Bay Resort & Spa officially became the first resort/dive center in all of Fiji to earn the distinguished status of Eco-Center from PADI.

PADI Eco Center is granted to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that demonstrate a dedication to conservation and dive industry sustainability.

Through Adopt the Blue, each PADI Eco Center is actively promoting marine biodiversity and community resilience by addressing our ocean’s global challenges. PADI Eco Centers create opportunities for all to engage in direct conservation action including citizen science, policy advocacy, and education.

Dive Against Debris

Sau Bay Divers particiaptes in the Dive Against Debris program by making every dive a dive where observations are made and any visible trash is recovered.   Even when driving out to a dive site, we will go out of our way to pick up floating trash when observed.   By reporting trash removed, we become one of the resorts in Fiji where debris removal is counted and reported on a global scale.  While we are fortunate to have relatively little trash around our dive sites, we still see a fair amount of tangled fishing line and occasional trash such as drink containers and other debris.  By making every dive a Dive Against Debris dive, we will keep our dive sites as pristine as possible. 

Coral Reef Conservation

Guests interested in learning more about coral reef protection and their susceptibility to climate change are encouraged to take a specialty certification that promotes awareness and provides the student with a first hand look at conservation activities in our area. Specialty courses taken count towards Master Diver certification as well.  In addition, we recently joined the Coral Watch program.  This citizen science program provides an easy way for our guests to make meaningful observations on the health of the corals on the various dive sites of the Rainbow Reef.  Please check with our divemasters upon arrival at the resort!


Green Fins Program Participation

Sau Bay Resort is a participant in the global Green Fins program, which is dedicated to sustainable tourism.  We follow specific guidelines for reef protection that have been widely adopted on a global basis and strive for continuous improvements in our dive and snorkeling operations.

Adopt the Blue

Sau Bay Resort & Spa staff and guests taking part in a routine beach cleanup!

We are also the first dive resort in the

area to participate in PADI's

Adopt the Blue - a global

initiative aimed at protecting our reefs

and collecting important information

on the impacts of climate change and

tourism on reef ecosystems.


As part of the initiative, dive centers globally are encouraged to "adopt" a dive site.  Sau Bay Resort & Spa adopted the first dive on the Rainbow Reef - and we elected to to adopt the Great White Wall due to its popularity and regional importance to the dive community.  Because of its popularity, this dive site is also particularly vulnerable to impacts from divers.   However, by participating in the program, Sau Bay Resort & Spa also has pledged to participate in important climate resilience research by reporting citizen-based scientific observations to document changes in the reef ecosystem of our adopted dive site.

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