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Tours of  Taveuni Island

Explore the "Garden Island" of Fiji

Taveuni is the third-largest island in Fiji, after Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.  Only a 15 minute boat ride from Sau Bay resort, it is easily accessed for a day trip or two while you enjoy diving and other activities at our resort.   


The cigar-shaped island is the remnant of a massive shield volcano which rises from the floor of the Pacific Ocean.   The island has a land area of 434 square kilometres (168 square miles) and is 1,241 m (4072 ft) high at its tallest point (Mount Uluigalau).  Its is known for its prolific birdlife and lush vegetation - hence the name "Garden Isle".  The most popular attractions on Taveuni include:

  • Bouma Waterfall

  • Lavena Coastal Walk

  • Waitavala Waterslide

  • The International Dateline

  • Wairiki Mission

  • Gaia Tree Sanctuary

We typically conduct tours to Taveuni where we visit 2-3 of these sights on a full day outing (leaving after breakfast and returning at sunset).  On occasion, we also combine the Taveuni tour with one of our other offerings.  We leave you with the option of having a private tour or join a couple of our other guests.  A discount is available for tours including 4 our more guests.

Boma waterfall.webp

Bouma Waterfalls

Boma waterfall.webp

About 100 feet high and perhaps more dramatic a second waterfall takes about forty minutes to reach along a trail which has steps, handrails and benches for rest stops. You cross a stream about fifteen feet wide (you can pull along the heavy rope that runs over the stream). The stream is shallow, but recent heavy rains can make the crossing harder. The walk to the third and final waterfall takes about thirty minutes more along a dirt trail which can get muddy. This waterfall is only about 25 feet high but the beauty is in the remoteness of the area and the perfect stillness – a wonderful place to meditate!.

Bouma Falls is one of the most beautiful spots on Taveuni.  Located in Tavoro National Park, it is a perfect half or full day trip. The Bouma Falls are actually three waterfalls; the first is an easy ten minute walk from the main road. The area around the first waterfall has picnic tables, benches and a changing room. The waterfall is approximately 60 feet in height and falls into a large pool where one can go swimming.

Lavena Coastal Walk

This trip can be done in combination with the Bouma Falls trip or on its own. Past Bouma Falls you travel to Lavena, one of the most picturesque villages on the island. Lavena also has one of the most beautiful beaches of Taveuni, this is the location of the ‘Return to Blue Lagoon’. White sand and crystal clear water make this an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling and picnicking. A good track takes you from Lavena Village along the coast.


International Dateline

The 180 degree Meridian line cuts through the island of Taveuni. A great photo opportunity to experience. Stand with your feet on either side of the line and be in today and tomorrow. Every new  day begins on the Island of Taveuni!

180 degree meridian.webp

Wairiki Mission

The lovely old Catholic mission at Wairiki. The mission is set into the hillside and overlooks the site where Taveuni warriors turned back thousands of Tongans in a
battle which was fought in canoes just off the beach. This battle was of historical significance as it was the first


place in where the Tongans were defeated. The warriors then celebrated by cooking the Tongans in a lovo and eating them with breadfruit.

Guests are welcome to attend Mass on Sunday mornings. Sunday Mass is at 07.00am, 09.00am and 11.00am. The singing is magnificent!

Waitavala Waterslide

Waitavala water slide is a natural waterslide located in a picturesque and secluded rainforest setting. 


Gaia Tree Sanctuary

This is the perfect tour for foodies, or those interested in local produce grown in Fiji. Enjoy a small-group tour to Gaiatree Sanctuary to learn about Taveuni Island tropical fruits, herbs, and spices. Discover behind-the-scenes secrets that you likely wouldn’t uncover otherwise, such as what happens in the nectar lab, and how produce is grown on the farm. A highlight is the delicious farm-to-table lunch from the Fiji Food Forest!


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