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You've always wanted to get into underwater photography...maybe it was the capital investment of a new camera, lack of time, or the notion that underwater photography is too difficult, that stopped you to date...maybe you just need that nudge to get you going on a whole new dimension of Scuba Diving!!

Sau Bay Resort & Spa has partnered with seasoned underwater photographers to bring you workshops designed to hone your underwater photography skills, or, if you are new to the hobby, get some great tips from the pro's right from the start.  
Photographs courtesy of Waterlust Underwater Photography
From private one-on-one tutoring to group workshops Sau Bay Resort & Spa will be your home away from home as you explore and record this pristine underwater world.

What you will learn: 
  • Exposure
  • Strope Positioning
  • Composition
  • Macro 
  • Wide angle
  • Post processing
  • Black backgrounds
  • Sunbursts
you can also download a brochure here
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