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Cultural History Walk

Explore the Rich History of Sau Bay...

Fijians that historically settled at Sau Bay did so due to the shelter and protection that the bay offers.  In fact, the indigenous Fijians constructed an ancient fish trap, called at Moka, right at our Resort.

A moka is a traditional stone enclosure heaped together as part of a fish trap. The circular enclosure is filled up during high tide and traps fish within it when the tides goes out. To allow fish into the stone fence, it has a mouth, which is sealed off during fish drives.

The Moka is visible from the air as shown in the photograph.  It is also possible to see the structure at low tide.

The Tour

$40 per person (min 4 guests)

Your one hour tour is led by one of our local villagers familar with the cultural history of the area. The tour includes a coastal walk to explore the Moka at low tide.   During the tour you will have an opportunity to learn how Fijians still live off the land today, and how their history is intimately tied to the coastal resources.  You will also learn about some of the local conservation efforts that are underway to protect these resources for generations to come. This tour requires advance notice so please advise at the time of booking. 50% of the fee goes to the tour guide's village.

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