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A History of Sau Bay and a Model
For Ecotourism

Early History

Sau Bay has been home to indigenous Fijian people for hundreds of years.  The bay itself provides a natural shelter against cyclones and storms, which made it an ideal place for settlement.  In fact, the remnants of an historical tidal fish trap or "moka" is visible during low tide at the resort.   In addition, artifacts such as pottery and stone fish spears are occasionally found on the shores of Sau Bay.  We offer a historical cultural tour and encourage our guests to find out more about the history of our peoples.

Pearl Farming

Sau Bay was originally developed as a small eco-resort in 2006 and then operated as a pearl farm.  However, the pearl farm was ultimately dismantled and the resort sold in 2012.  Sustainable pearl farming is still active in the vicinity of Sau Bay and we offer special excursions to a local pearl farm (Civa Pearls) where you can learn more about the process of sustainable pearl aquaculture.

Sau Bay Resort

Sau Bay Resort was started as Sau Bay Fiji Retreat in 2012 by Nigel and Carol Douglas, who ran the resort successfully until it was closed due to COVID-19, along with the Fijian tourism industry.  In 2022,  the resort was purchased with the purpose of continuing to run the resort as a lifestyle business, world class dive locale and sustainable resort catering to small groups and couples looking for that secluded slice of Heaven not offered by many resorts in Fiji.

The owners,  Leo and Jeanne, make Fiji their second home.  Leo is an oceanographer by trade and a PADI Divemaster.  Jeanne has been a lifelong school teacher.  Over their numerous trips to Fiji, Leo and Jeanne have grown to love the country, people, and all that it has to offer in finding one's peace and tranquility.  

Leo is committed to running a sustainable and eco-friendly operation, with a focus on marine and coral reef preservation and restoration.  His passion is to help local Fijians preserve the environment that they depend on for their long-term prosperity.  

Jeanne, having spent 26 years teaching young kids in the United States, has a passion for helping local Fijian schools succeed in early childhood education and improving the school environment.

Over the years visiting various parts of Fiji, Leo and Jeanne decided that they wanted to be more than just another resort owner - they want to truly make a difference to local Fijians by empowering locals and giving back to the community.  Recognizing that a truly sustainable resort adheres to the three pillars of sustainability - economic, environmental and social aspects, the ownership is committed to a customer experience that not only is second to none, but one that our guests can feel good about knowing that their money spent at Sau Bay Resort will have lasting impacts on the community and the marine environment.

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