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Meet our Staff

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No place in the World will you find a more friendly people than in Fiji. 

At Sau Bay Resort & Spa, you will receive a true Fijian welcome and instantly feel part of the family.  Our staff are all from villages in the Taveuni area.   Each has a unique position and expertise. Yet our staff work as a team to ensure that our guest experience is second to none.  Come and meet our staff: 

Siah,  Guest Services Manager

Siah is from Qamea Island in Fiji, where she spent almost 30 years working in the hospitality industry.  Siah's easy going personality will make you feel at ease the minute you arrive at Sau Bay. Siah enjoys engaging with guests and sharing some of her many stories. She has four kids (two boys and two girls).  Siah loves fishing, meeting people, gardening and listening to music.

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Abe, Maintenance Supervisor 

Abe is from Taveuni. He joined Sau Bay Resort & Spa in May 2023 and quickly proved that he can fix any appliance or anything that isn't working just right!   Abe literally keeps the lights on and things running smoothly. He has a wife and 4 kids who reside in Taveuni.  


Laisa, Chef

Laisa is from Taveuni’s neighbor island Qamea. She has 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 4 children and 7 grandchildren. She has been a chef at various resorts in Qamea and Savusavu.  She joined Sau Bay Resort & Spa since it’s opening in June. She has loved to cook since she was little and her cuisines will amaze you.  Always full of energy, she likes to play and fish with her grandkids. In her free time she likes to rest at home and sew blankets and pillow cases.


Dani, Chef

Dani is from Taveuni and has been working with Laisa for many years, which makes them a cooking dynamo, creating fantastic dishes.   Apart from being an awesome chef, Dani is also entertains our guests by playing keyboard and guitar in the evenings!  In his free time, he loves to do gardening, cooking, and playing music.


Gorgia, Social Media Manager/Bartender

Gorgia comes to Sau Bay from Nadi, where she managed a night club and was looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.  Gorgia loves sleeping, reading, knitting and gardening.  Gorgia will amaze you with her hybiscus-infused libations.    When not bartending, Gorgia is posting our stories to Instagram - whether its one of our kitchen's world class creations or day in the life of a Sau Bay guest!


Sera,  Housekeeping Supervisor

Sera has been part of our family since our opening in June 2022.  She lives on the property next door and has four children.  Sera is Akanah's mother. Sera is always willing to jump in to lend an extra hand.


Carl,  Divemaster

Carl is also from neighboring Viani Bay. He lives with his grandparents. His grandmother is the sister of John, Chief of nearby Dakuniba village. He has worked at Sau since 2012 as a Boat Captain and water activities director. He attended FNU (Fiji National University) where he learned the skills to be a Boat Captain. His hobbies are diving, trolling, spear fishing and playing rugby. When Carl was18 years old, he represented Fiji in Rugby playing international teams in Suva. His girlfriend is a teacher at the Ucunivatu Primary School.


Lotu,  Divemaster

Lotu is from Viani Bay, right next to Sau Bay. He has three young daughters and a lovely wife, Renata. He has 15 dogs who help him hunt for wild pigs. He has been at Sau since 2019 as a Boat Captain and Divemaster. In his free time, he likes to play rugby and hunt. Lotu is currently studying to become a PADI instructor.


Freddie,  Boat Captain

Freddie is from Levuka, the old capital of Fiji. He has 1 sister, a niece and a nephew. He trained in Nawi to be a Boat Captain.  He has worked at Sau for 8 years, even maintaining the property through the Covid lock down. Always dependable, Freddie maintains the resort grounds and the "Top of the World" hiking trail in immaculate condition. In his free time, he likes to go to town to see friends, shop and drink Kava. He enjoys volleyball and country music.


Akanah,  Carpenter, Boat Captain

Akanah lives in Ucunivatu Viani Bay with his mom Serah. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters. He attended Montfort Technical Institute in Savusavu where he learned carpentry, plumbing and brick laying, which are skills he has already been using in his daily activities.  He started at Sau Bay in June 2022. He likes to play rugby, fish and hunt.


Lui,  Entertainer, Greenhouse Tender

Lui is Sau Bay's secret gardener, guitar player/singer and Firedancer!  Enjoy your evenings on our waterfront deck being entertained by Lui.  Lui's home is on Taveuni where he lives with his wife and three girls.  


Riko,  Activities Coordinator

RIko is one of our newer employees but already has shown what Sau Bay spirit is all about.  He graduated from Monfort Technical Institute specializing in automotive mechanic and he is very versatile, filling in in various departments at the resort.  Riko serves as Sau Bay's activities coordinator.  He has in infectious smile and loves hearing about where our guests come from. Riko wants to be a divemaster. 


Kasa, Restaurant Server, Bartender Apprentice

Kasa comes from Qamea island.  She has 4-month old son.  Kasa has already learned how to make many of Sau Bay's specialty cocktails. She lower meeting people, socializing, swimming, cooking and having a good time. 


Charlotte, Masseuse

Charlotte comes from Qamea. She is sought after for her amazing deep tissue massages and is believed to have "magic fingers".  She loves fishing, socializing, crocheting and loves mean spicy food! 


Maura, Bure Attendant

Maura loves meeting people, socializing, hanging out with kids, cooking, eating and having a good time.  

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