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A Day in the Life of a Diver at Sau Bay...

Awaken in your beautiful waterfront bure to the sound of gently lapping waves. Enjoy a hearty breakfast while you watch your dive gear being taken to the dive boat by our dive valet service.  After breakfast, its time for your dive briefing and equipment check.  Our divemasters are keenly attuned to the weather and ocean conditions of the Somosomo Straits, and will always choose the best locations for you.  We also will ensure that the entire dive group will dive to the ability of the least experienced diver.  For this reason, it sometimes will be necessary to split the dive teams based on experience level.

Once the divemaster determines which dive site to start the day with, you will receive a detailed briefing of the dive site including visibility, current, topography, marine life and of course the dive profile and safety considerations.  Current and weather conditions vary substantially, sometimes even while on a dive, so it is important to reassess the day's dive itinerary and make adjustments as needed.  Rest assured, with all of the dive sites to choose from, there is absolutely no room for disappointment, as our dives are all exceptional!  

You will have the option to decide as a group whether to do a third tank while out on the reef (additional cost applies).  We "play it by ear" to see how everyone is feeling and what the conditions are like.

After the completion of the diving, we return to the resort after the very short boat ride.   You don't have to do anything except find your way back to your bure.  Our dive valet service will take care of all your gear.  The gear will be rinsed and hung in our secure diving locker.  If you have camera gear, you can elect to rinse it yourself or have our staff rinse it for you and bring it to your bure.

Now its time to unwind.  Our tradition is to gather around the Bula Bar and talk about the day's experiences while we wait for lunch or dinner, depending on whether you elected to dive in the morning or afternoon.  Enjoy a cocktail or two while filling our your dive log, sharing your dive photos and exchanging stories.  Also - please don't forget to share your favorite dives in our Sau Bay Dive Guest Log. 

Dive the Rainbow Reef

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