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The Great White Wall, located on the Rainbow Reef, is one of the most coveted dive sites in the world - and for good reason.  Starting with a spectacular vertical swim-through that is home to a incredible variety of fish, coral and invertebrates, you exit the tunnel at approximately 86 feet along a wall that appears to glow white due to soft coral that dominates this wall.  However, upon close examination, you will find a great diversity of algae, hard and soft coral, fish and invertebrates providing excellent opportunities for macro photography.

Photos courtesy of Timo Dersch ( - Nov. 2022


Who Can Dive the White Wall?

The White Wall is an advanced dive and should only be attempted by individuals with a minimum of Advanced Open Water certification.  While we dive the white wall on a slack tide, current conditions are not always exactly predictable due to delays and other unforeseen circumstances.  Nevertheless, our Divemasters are experts at ensuring a great experience for those Advanced Divers who have not encountered a swim through or current diving before coming to Sau Bay. Need a refresher? Not to worry, we have you covered on that as well.

When Can you Dive the White Wall?

Due to the solar-lunar cycle, extremely strong currents are present at the White Wall area, which preclude diving the White Wall during certain days of the month, and the white soft coral is only "blooming' at specific times based on the tides. For your vacation planning purposes you can see our White Wall Dive Schedule here.  Typically, the days to do this dive coincide with the mid-lunar cycle - essentially avoiding the full and new moon and immediate days before and after.

How Close is the Resort to the White Wall?

Sau Bay Resort & Spa (Sau Bay Divers) is located only a 15-20 minute leisurely boat ride from the White Wall, allowing for more time on the reef and significantly shorter transfer times than resorts on Taveuni.

hard coral formations at 15-30 feet

After enjoying the deeper white wall dive, come up to spend the remainder of your dive on an incredibly diverse and massive coral head.

Diving along the Great White Wall, Fiji
Close of the white coral dendronephthya

Diving along the White Wall at approximately 90 feet.

Close-up of white coral which dominates the White Wall.

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