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Our House Reef

Photo by Stan Moniz Photograpghy

Explore the sau bay reef

Immerse yourself in an tranquil underwater paradise at our secluded and protected house reef. With a delicate balance of soft and hard coral formation and bordered by lush mangrove forests, it's a sanctuary teeming with life. Explore vibrant ecosystems bustling with a kaleidoscope of invertebrate and vertebrate species. Encounter colorful fish darting among coral gardens and the occasional graceful sea turtles (green turtle) gliding effortlessly through the water.  Find some of our "magic coral', which changes from a light purple color to white when you flick your finger in front of it.


Our house reef is accessible from our pristine beach and is nestled within the protected waters of Sau Bay.    The reef lines the shore, and extends around the entrance to Bay, where the higher wave energy results in a slightly different assemblage of marine life.  Kayak across the bay or down into the mouth of the bay, where each area promised to providing a unique area to explore by snorkeling.



Daytime Shore Diving

For those guests that spend the day out on the Rainbow Reef and still want more,  you can grab a tank and walk out from our beach and drop down into water to explore the reef, which ranges from the surface to around 80 feet. Tank rental is $20 (add $15 for nitrox).  

Divers can explore the areas to the left and right of the resort.

Toward the entrance of Sau Bay, about a 10 minute surface swim,

there are series of nice bommies, which have very healthy coral colonies

and provide more current since its further into the main channel.

The house reef provides a preview of what the Rainbow Reef is like -

its a great way to refresh your skills in a non-current environment before

heading out on the boat to the Rainbow Reef. 

Photo by Stan Moniz Photograpghy

Night Diving

Delve deeper into the enchanting world beneath the waves with our house reef as your nighttime playground. As the sun sets, embark on a thrilling nocturnal adventure into the depths. Descend into the mysterious realm past elusive squid, encountering mesmerizing octopus and elusive moray eels lurking in the shadows. Witness the reef come alive under the moonlight, with hundreds of curious cleaner shrimp emerging from their hiding spots behind intricate coral formations. Night diving at our reef offers an immersive experience like no other, where every dive is a captivating journey into the heart of marine marvels.

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