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The Rainbow Reef is our Backyard....

Being the closest luxury dive resort to the Rainbow Reef means that you will be in the water within minutes from leaving our resort.  Unlike some of the other dive resorts on Taveuni, we are located only10 minutes from some of the most spectacular dive spots the Rainbow Reef has to offer, such as Rainbow's End, Rainbow Passage and Cabbage Patch.  Our location on the other side of the Somosomo Straits means that we do not need to cross the channel every day.  On a good day, you simply have more time to spend back at the resort due to shorter trip times.  On "big weather" days, you'll be thankful to get off the boat sooner as well, and since we simply "hug the reef" on the way, the sea conditions rarely prevent us from diving the Rainbow Reef.   Even under extreme weather conditions, we have nearby reefs that provide excellent alternatives.  Our location inside the inner reef allows us to dive the most colorful sites of the Rainbow Reef more frequently because of our ability to be flexible with our dive schedules to meet current and weather conditions.

Sau Bay is the Closest Luxury Dive Resort to the Rainbow Reef

10 min

Dive Area

Our Location on the Rainbow Reef

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