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Fiji Islands



The Heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with over 300 tropical islands. It is believed that the islands were first settled over 3,000 years ago. Originally dubbed ‘Cannibal Isles’, with warfare between Fiji’s indigenous tribes and being invaded by Tongan islanders. Early settlers were a mixture of whalers, missionaries and traders.

In 1874 Fiji was ceded to the British, and it was during this time that agriculture was established; with large sugar plantations. Many indentured workers from India were brought over to work in the sugar plantations.

Fiji became an Independent nation in 1970. Today, Fiji has a magical blend of diverse people; this mixed racial background contributes to the rich cultural heritage and identity of what Fiji is today. Often referred to as the ‘friendliest people on earth’; has made the modern Fiji a haven for tourists.


The Fiji Group of Islands is made up of 332 islands in the South-West Pacific Ocean scattered over an area of 18,736 square kilometres. The majority of islands in the Fiji Group, are volcanic in origin. Sau Bay Resort & Spa is situated on the North-East part of Fiji's crystal clear waters and fringing coral reefs, where a great diversity of marine life abounds. The South Pacific Islands enjoy a tropical climate throughout the year.


Summer months are between December – April with average temperatures:
Air 73˚F – 86˚F or 23˚C – 30°C and Water 80˚F – 84˚F or 27˚C – 29°C.

Winter months are between May – November with average temperatures:
Air 68˚F -79˚F or 20˚C – 26°C and Water 77˚F – 80˚F or 25˚C- 27°C.

Light cotton clothing is suitable all year round with a light windbreaker is recommended for the cooler evenings during the winter months of June through August.

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