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Village Tours

We offer excursions to three local villages. Each of them have a different character, so be sure to talk to our host before booking your trip.  If you plan to visit a village during your stay, please feel welcome to bring any items for the village. School supplies, books and personal health products are always greatly appreciated.  While you generally will not need cash during your stay, you may want to bring some Fijian dollars to purchase any souvenirs from some of the local artists.  Out of respect for local Fijian culture, please plan to dress conservatively when visiting a village.


Visit this tiny settlement on the coast of Vanua Levu for a unique cultural experience.  A scenic 40 minute boat ride along the coast will bring you to Dakuniba.  Legend has it that the original settlers in Fiji sailed to this location on the legendary ship known as the Rogovoka from the mainland.  According to this legend, an anchor was found by a salt water pool.  The mast and canoe were rinsed off, turning the water salty to this day. Nearby are a series of rocks with un-deciphered writings carved into them.  Legend has it that the rocks were part of an upright statue that pointed out to the ocean in the direction of lost gold.  Dakuniba also has lore of gold and kerosene found on this part of Vanua Levu.  Chief John is always happy to welcome visitors and give you his personal account of the many stories Dakuniba has to offer.


A 15 minute boat ride towards Vatuyalewa/Natuvu jetty brings you to the village of Vunikura.  This community has a Kindergarten school and offers a variety of arts and crafts and entertainment to our visitors that includes a Meke.  Sau Bay supports the fishermen of this village by purchasing much of our seafood from here. 

Kioa Island

Visit a village on the neighboring island of Kioa and observe our local way of life of the Tuvalese people, who settled this island in 1947.  Enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals and a visit to the village school if it is in session.  Though sometimes shy, the school children are always curious and happy to chat with you.  Kioa is also known for their beautiful woven handicrafts that you will also see throughout our resort.   Kioa is actively engaged in climate change discussions and is planning ahead to address the effects of sea level rise on its community.  Please enquire for more information.


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