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At Sau Bay Resort & Spa, we care deeply about everyone's safety and the preservation of our ecosystem.  We invite you to see for yourself how we live these principles in our day to day operations.

Diving Safety

Sau Bay Divers, as a PADI Dive Resort, is committed to, and held to, the highest degree of diving safety.  We maintain first aid kits and oxygen on the dive boat at all times.  In addition, all of our boat captains are certified boat captains. Boats are maintained in good working order at all times, and are equipped with marine radios and GPS, personal floatation gear for all passengers, and signaling devices as required by the Marine Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF).

Our dive briefings start with a dive safety discussion, detail the weather and current conditions on which the dives are based for the given day, and our divemasters check current conditions in the water before taking guests down.

We have doctors on-call in case any emergencies or medical conditions arise during your stay.  Sau Bay maintains a strict no alcohol before diving policy. 

Diver Education

Our dive professionals are born and raised on the reef and know the marine life like the back of their hand. This means that you will have dive briefings that are highly informative and relevant to the specific dive site.  Our divemasters and instructors participate in our conservation programs such as Green Fins as well as our complimentary weekly "happy hour" nature discussions where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a complementary non-alcaholic beverage while learning about the local Rainbow Reef ecosystem and ongoing conservation programs, challenges and opportunities.

Conservation Activities

Sau Bay Divers and Sau Bay Resort  participate in a variety of conservation activities involving both the marine and upland ecosystems.  Recognizing that our upland virign rainforests are intrinsically linked to our marine system via the mangrove forest that forms the perimeter of Sau Bay.  Sau Bay staff are spearheading local beach cleanups to remove routine trash around Sau Bay and the general vicinity, replanting mangroves and participating in coral reef restoration activities.

Mangrove forests at Sau Bay Resort & Spa

Project Aware

We are committed to partnering with global initiatives such as the PADI Aware Program, which includes Dive Against Debris and Adopt The Blue intiatives.  Sau Bay Resort is the first resort that adopted a dive site on the Rainbow Reef, which speaks to our drive in furthering the protection of our local marine ecosystem.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Sau Bay Resort and Sau Bay Divers is committed to reducing our carbon footprint.  While the remoteness of our resort provides the seclusion that you seek, we are challenged by having to supply our own energy.  The new owners of Sau Bay Resort are in the process of installing solar power infrastructure at the resort, which will significantly reduce the amount of fuel used by limiting the number of hours generators need to run.   Sau Bay is also implementing new operational changes that will reduce the overall electrical load, such as replacing in-room refrigerators with ice boxes that serve the same purpose for our guests.

We also offer our guests the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint for their vacation by purchasing carbon credits that can be used for a variety of environmental restoration projects.  Details are available on check-in.

Safety & Environment

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