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Sau Bay Resort & Spa, Fiji Adopts the Great White Wall as part of PADI's ADOPT THE BLUE

As part of our Sustainability Journey – Sau Bay Resort & Spa just joined the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)’s “Adopt the Blue” Program by adopting no other than the most coveted Great White Wall dive site! Site No. S28657.

The Great White Wall. Photo courtesy of Timo Dersch

Our Mission

Sau Bay Resort & Spa is committed to sustainable tourism and protection of the environment. As an oceanographer by trade, the owner is committed to the protection of the Rainbow Reef and is constantly looking for ways to improve our guest experience while providing opportunities to our staff and guests alike to make a difference in the protection and enhancement our coral reef ecosystem.

What is Adopt the Blue?

PADI’s Adopt the Blue program “provides multiple pathways for PADI operators, professionals, divers and other ocean enthusiasts to get actively involved in conservation at both the local and global level. PADI amplifies conservation efforts through cross-channel marketing, community grants, storytelling and strategic partnerships” (www.. This program is fully aligned with not only our sustainability goals but also our future plans to understand, research and protect the Rainbow Reef and take part in activities that meet these objectives.

Why Adopt the Great White Wall?

So why did we choose to adopt the Great White Wall? Well, because the Great White Wall is the most coveted dive site on the Rainbow Reef, it is inherently one of the most important dive sites to protect due to the sheer number of divers that frequent this site. Not to undermine the importance of adopting other spectacular dive sites on the Reef, but this site certainly is an indicator of other sites as well. We hope that other dive resorts in the area also adopt a dive site. It is only by a collective effort that we can ultimately achieve the Adopt the Blue vision.

In the interim, while the movement grows, we will be taking on certain reporting obligations and stewardship responsibilities, and by doing so, we will make noteworthy progress in understanding impacts on this dive site from divers, overfishing and climate change. We will assign certain “White Wall Ambassadors” to help us in this mission. Over time, we will also share our observations on our website.

Aerial view of the Great White Wall. Photo courtesy of Henthorne

Next Steps

As Adopt the Blue evolves, we will be working closely with PADI to maximize the success of our adoption of the Great White Wall. Over the next several weeks, we will be establishing specific objectives and milestones, which will be posted on our website.

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