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Sau Bay Resort Becomes the First Resort/Dive Center in Fiji to become a PADI Eco Center!!

On August 20, 2023, PADI awarded Sau Bay Resort & Spa the title of Eco Center, making us the first resort in all of Fiji to earn this distinguished title. PADI bestows the title of Eco Center to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that demonstrate a dedication to conservation and dive industry sustainability.

In PADI's own words:

"Through Adopt the Blue, each PADI Eco Center is actively promoting marine biodiversity and community resilience by addressing our ocean’s global challenges. PADI Eco Centers create opportunities for all to engage in direct conservation action including citizen science, policy advocacy, and education.
Combined with PADI’s partners, The Reef-World Foundation’s Green Fins Initiative, PADI Eco Centers also demonstrate an exemplary level of environmental best practice. Each PADI Eco Center has made substantial changes to educate all staff members and reduce the environmental footprint of their operations, embedding sustainability as a core business value.
PADI Eco Centers offer a trustworthy choice for all ocean enthusiasts who want to ensure that the cost of their marine adventure goes hand in hand with the protection and restoration of natural resources and the well-being of local communities."

Sau Bay Resort & Spa is very excited to be part of this distinguished group of dive centers in the world who are committed to ensuring that our reefs receive the attention they deserve in order to protect them. By introducing and encouraging participation in conservation initiatives, Sau Bay Resort & Spa offers unique experiences and eco-tourism opportunities to our guests.
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