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Well, its has been a whirlwind since opening Sau Bay Resort & Spa in June of this year (2022)! After having been shut down for over two years due to COVID 19, obtaining all necessary governmental approvals, and rebranding the resort into a new top dive destination, we're finally up and running!

The new owners, Leo & Jeanne are thrilled to be part of the Fijian community, and particularly in

the Caukadrove Province, which is known for its incredible soft coral diving. It is this majestic beauty, and that of the people, that drew us to this area and sparked the idea of owning a dive resort. But we want to have more than dive resort - we want to be be a destination of tranquility - which is afforded by our location within a serene bay - where folks can come to relax and completely unplug from their day-to-day routine. By its very location, Sau Bay Resort offers a truly magical experience that you have to experience for yourself. Even well before us, this feeling of serenity and tranquility has been termed "Sau Magic". This magic is accentuated by the beauty of the Rainbow Reef, which is only 10 minutes from the resort. For divers and snorkelers alike, our close proximity to the Rainbow Reef allows our guests to spend more time relaxing at the resort after experiencing this pristine reef system.

Our new resort manager, Eunice Osborne, who has extensive experience in the hospitality industry , leads our staff of 13. Eunice welcomes guests and is responsible for the general management of the resort, ensuring that our guest are well taken care of while keeping the resort in great condition. Having run prior resort and dive operations, Eunice is well equipped to handle the resort's continuing improvements and growth plans, including our very own PADI dive operation, newly branded as Sau Bay Divers. Eunice adds the following about Sau Bay: "Sau Bay is a place to where you can truly enjoy living in nature in a Boutique setting. Guests are amazed at how peaceful it is. Guests have also said that they arrive as guests and depart Sau Bay leaving their family behind; that they feel the warmth and genuine service It's a place for nature lovers that want to holiday in a remote setting. That is the true beauty about Sau Bay."

Sau Bay Resort is committed to sustainability, and the majority of our blog posts will be focused on this topic. Since taking ownership, we already have been awarded the PADI Green Star certification for our efforts in promoting green practices and conservation, such as the Dive Against Debris Program. This past month, we installed a new natural water system, which immediately eliminated our reliance on the expensive and energy-intensive desalination system, while reducing our carbon footprint. Another benefit of the water system was being able to provide clean, running water to our Fijian neighbor, who is also one of our valued staff members.

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