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As the new owners of Sau Bay Resort & Spa, located on the Rainbow Reef off Taveuni Island, we are thrilled to be part of the local community and to be in a position to offer some of the best diving and snorkeling on the planet to our guests.

In a rapidly changing world that is increasingly susceptible to climate change, it is therefore of paramount importance for us do what we can to pro

tect our local marine ecosystem for generations to come. That is why we are committed to sustainable hospitality practices and encourage “reef safe” behavior at all times. We are looking forward to participating in local and regional conservation initiatives, such as establishment and enhancement of Marine Protected Areas on the Rainbow Reef, participating in coral cultivation programs and giant clam culture and transplant initiatives that are already underway in our region.

One of the major initiatives of Sau Bay Resort & Spa, and Say Bay Divers is to advance educational programs revolving around marine conservation, sustainability, and climate adaptat

ion. By involving our own staff in local community outreach programs as well as educational tours for our guests, we believe that our resort will serve as a resource to local villages and interested non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on helping the region. An example is the Kioa Island Climate Action Plan, which is a neighboring island inhabited by Tuvaluan people focused on getting “climate ready” to ensure long-term viability of the community. Our resort recent

ly hosted several of the participants of an international workshop held at Kioa island to advance the Action Plan and on October 17-19 participated in a summit entitled Kioa Climate Emergency Declaration.

Sau Bay Resort & Spa's Dive Boat Bringing the United Kingdom's High Commissioner to Fiji to Kioa for the Climate Emergency Declaration Summit, October 2022

Sau Bay Resort & Spa has big plans for the future, such as creating photo and video documentation of the prime dive spots, documenting the health and changes in the coral reef community in response to storms and long-term climate change, partnering with educational institutes in marine research and further advancing our understanding of the connection between our own Sau Bay mangrove forests and the local reef system.

We encourage our guests who are interested in sustainability to reach out to us for an “immersive” experience of local and regional initiatives.

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